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J. Leachim Guitars, finland

J. Leachim Music was founded 2014 in Riihimäki, Finland.

J.L.G. = J. Leachim Guitars - a part of J. Leachim Music Company. Ideology of the J.L.G. Guitars is to make totally unique vintage looking and sounding instruments to customers which are fabricated by utilizing modern techniques and technologies like CAD (in design) and CNC for machining. This ensures that all wooden parts are always in measure and same in every order. This saves times, which saves costs. Our corner stone for everything is our Slogan "Design Matters".

Vuorensaku Guitars, finland

Maintenance, repairs & customizing for stringed instruments. Building stringed instruments. Pickups for electric instruments. Accessories for electric instruments. Guitar tech. Education.



Mojotone, U.S.A.

Our partner for handmade guitar & bass parts, (awesome sounding) pickups, wiring kits, cabinets, speakers and accessories.